Year Established: 2012

Meeting Your Electrical Repair Service Demands

A couple of centuries into widespread electricity usage, electric power is more important than ever. From lights to smartphones to even electric vehicles, we use it all day, every day. So when you need an electrical wiring repair or any other similar service, you can trust The Sanctuary Electricians to get the job done right. Our crew is available around the clock, so we’ll never leave you hanging, even if you need a power restoration at 4:00 in the morning. We’ve got your back.

Our Services

Renovating your office and adding some new devices? We do outlet installation, so you’ll have spots to plug everything in. We also offer light fixture installation, so you can get the lighting right. Need us to relocate light switches? We’re happy to help. When you need a new electrical panel installation, you can count on us, just like if you need a simple circuit breaker replacement. Please give us a call for a full list of our commercial and residential services.

Business Hours

When you need our help, just call, we’re open 24/7.

Service Area

If you’re in Keller, or anywhere else in Tarrant County, we’ve got your back.